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For every semester, IEEE Undergraduate Chapter at OSU has more than two projects for students to get hands-on experiences of the knowledge they learned in class. This year, we have two SAC projects - Micromouse Project and Sumo Robot Project, and a Drone Project. For more information, please see the corresponding project page on the left.

For general information about projects, please contact Project Master. For questions about a specific project, please see the information below.

Project Leads:

Drone Project

Team Lead: Roger Kassouf.12

Meetings: Office hours in Caldwell 274

*Please contact Roger to join the mailing list



Team Lead: Daniel Yue.84

Meetings: Sundays 5-8 PM, location IEEE Student Lounge in Caldwell


Team Lead: Matt Kaplan.240

Meetings: 3PM Saturdays in Hitchcock031